SkyMed Transportation Plan

If you don’t know when your DASH will end, then you won’t know where.

SkyMed will be there to get you home.

SkyMed Emergency Transportation

Why SkyMed

Most people have health insurance; when they’re ready to travel, adding travel insurance should be enough to cover “life’s unexpected moments,” right?

Both travel and health insurance (including Medicaid) have restrictions that can force unprepared consumers suffering from unexpected medical emergencies to remain in regional or foreign facilities until they are fit for travel. Only then are they provided repatriation by commercial carrier, which is usually what optional travel insurance offers the client.

Being stranded somewhere other than your hospital of choice should never be an option. Unfortunately, this practice is widely accepted as being good enough.

Truth is, it’s completely avoidable.

SkyMed offers an affordable solution to bridge the glaring, inevitable deficits in the medical evacuation and repatriation benefits of most travel and health insurance policies (that is, if they have them at all). Inadequate or no coverage can turn into a life altering issue, considering the cost of medically equipped jet flights can range from $14,000 to more than $100,000.

In the event of an unexpected medical emergency, SkyMed provides a free private medically equipped and staffed jet home after local stabilization, but prior to medical release from the hospital. You read correctly: prior to release and as soon as medically possible.

In the event of a medical crisis, regardless of geography, people want to go home to be treated by their own doctors, be with family and avoid medical fees attributed to being out of network. Medical jets provide high-speed transport and temporary care for patients once stabilized in the nearest facility and out of immediate or life-threatening danger.

SkyMed takes them home as soon as possible.

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