Document Your Legacy

Everyone has a story worth telling. And while some people might believe they have nothing of importance to pass on to others, you don’t have to be wealthy, famous or talented to leave a meaningful legacy for future generations. EVERY person can create an inspiring story and an enduring legacy. You can too.

Studies have shown that a life not documented will largely be lost to memory within a generation or two. That means if you do not record your life, the memories of your life will be largely lost after you are gone.

You have a vital opportunity to leave an enduring, historical legacy to future generations. The whole world is in your hands, and the legacy of your life may be determined by what you do today. Are you up to the challenge?

Welcome to OneLegacy Advisors™ Timeline!

You’re born…inevitably you die. But what about everything that comes in between? You know, the important stuff—everything that makes up the DASH in between your birth and death dates. You may be familiar with a popular poem about “the dash between.” But you are much more than just a DASH between two dates.

OneLegacy Advisors™ has created the OneLegacy Advisors™ Timeline, a revolutionary new platform for families—to document that DASH, to inventory their lives in a meaningful way—one that future generations will not only use but cherish.

Celebrate Your Life…Leave a Legacy

When you capture and share your most important life stories, you give a gift to yourself as well as to those you love and to those who love you.

And what could be more valuable to share with future generations than your story – the essence of who you are, what matters to you, what you’ve learned along the way, what you value deeply and your hopes and dreams for the future. In short, the hard-earned wisdom you’ve gathered over your lifetime.

What if your DASH ended today? Would you be ready?

Date. Dash. Date. It’s not Morse code. It signals much more than that. Let’s work on making that DASH—your LEGACY—more meaningful.